Advantages of On-Site Seed Treatment Systems for Farmers

It used to be the case that farmers had very little control over the seed treatment process. They had to determine the amount of treated seed they would need months in advance of planting, which led to unnecessary loss and a lack of control over the treatment process in general. Today, though, they can take advantage of the many benefits that come along with purchasing a Seed Treater for use right on their properties.

Lower Cost

While purchasing a Seed Treater does require an initial investment, this investment typically provides incredible returns in the very first season it is used. Many farmers save enough money treating their own seeds that they are able to pay for their seed treatment systems almost immediately, reaping profits for years to come after the first season.

Eliminate Risk

Purchasing pre-treated seed comes with some serious risks. There’s always a good chance that farmers will buy too little seed and end up with a sub-par crop season, but the prospect of purchasing too much seed is equally unpalatable, often leading to the purchase of excess seed that can’t be successfully planted and harvested. Purchasing a seed treatment system for use right on the farm completely eliminates that risk.

Custom Specifications

Farmers can select the exact treatment specifications they need when they treat their own seeds. That means different treatments can be used each year on each variety of crop and in each field. That amount of customization is unheard of in pre-treated seeds.

Correct Application

When they treat their own seeds farmers don’t have to worry about incorrect treatment application. Should something go wrong during a treatment process occurring off-site, there is very little that farmers can do about it. Treating their own seed places the responsibility for correct application in the hands of those who have the most to gain from performing the application correctly.

Fewer Delays

When they order pre-treated seed, farmers are at the mercy of the companies that provide it. If their products don’t get there in time for the planting season, they have no choice but to wait until the seed gets there to begin planting. Using an on-site seed treatment system allows farmers to work at their own pace without having to worry about unnecessary delays.


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